Incoming 2.0 – episode 7 delayed

Hello all

I finished editing the latest episode of Incoming 2.0 this morning, only to discover that Audacity has managed to corrupt the file completely. I still have an original, unedited version of the show, but it will take me a while to re-edit, and I can’t start work on this until tomorrow.

So, many apologies, but your latest Incoming 2.o episode won’t be available until at least Wednesday.


6 Comments on Incoming 2.0 – episode 7 delayed

  1. I wonder if this was due to the shock of you winning the Saga game and its left you light headed?

    Should have introduced myself – I was the gent watching in the orange fleece and wolf t-shirt 🙂


    • Hello Andrew

      Probably just the Gods of Fate trying to bring the world back into it’s proper order…

      BTW, loved the T-Shirt – I have two or three by the same artist!


  2. I wonder if Eureka’s samurai rabbits will get a mention . . .


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