Incoming 2.0 – Episode 8 – w/e 3rd June 2011

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Welcome to Episode 8 of the Incoming 2.0 podcast, in which I look at my favourite miniature & rules releases for w/e 3rd June 2011.

I hope you enjoy it.

Miniatures & Rules featured in the episode:

Medieval Warfare now available

Worldworks Games – Mayhem Corporate scenery pack released

Ainsty Castings Flameblade Compound Terrain Set

Ravenstar Studios new Cold Navy and New Star ships

New Infinity Releases

Khurasan 15mm Sci-Fi releases

Gorgon Studios

Aberrant Games Vatacini Starter Cardinal and Female Ninja

Test shots of sprues for Leviathans

Elhiem 20mm Miniatures new releases

Baccus 6mm Anglo-Saxons

Willy Miniatures Bloodbowl Minotaur

New Foundry Undead

Labor of the Gods rules

New Trident Designs figures

Paymaster Games

Scibor Celtic Veteran Squad

3 Comments on Incoming 2.0 – Episode 8 – w/e 3rd June 2011

  1. A new incoming and an M&M – we are spoiled today.

    To respond to your questions from Incoming 7. This show should be as long as it needs to be. If there are only enough releases in a week to talk for 5 mins then so be it. At the other end if you are hitting the 40 min mark you might want to consider a brief mention of the releases with more depth commentary on specific pieces left to a future M&M as appropriate.

    As your typical magpie gamer, I like the wide ranging format – even the samurai bunnies and Nazi gorillas. Hrmm zombie Nazi mutant gorilla Playboy bunny cheerleaders with swords – must be a game in there somewhere

    The one thing I would not want to see is Incoming cutting into the time and quality of M&M or especially VftV. These are your flagships products. πŸ™‚

  2. Re the Vercingetorix figure – apparently it’s for a line of romanticised historicals combining fantasy. This from the Paymaster website will help explain:

    “Secondary Line – Heroes of History: This is a historical line that focuses mainly on famous generals and/or people that have directly or indirectly affected the course of history. These models will have a modern romantic appearance that will be a lot closer to a character in a historic setting video game, not unlike the Warrior Series made by Koei. These models will be 28mm and are intended to be used with all historic games with the ancient battle setting, including but not limited to Field of Glory, Warhammer Ancient Battles, and Hail Caesar. ”

    But yes, the sword still looks crap. πŸ™‚

  3. Yet to listen to this one but I see a list of manufacturers’ websites…….I have had to be resuscitated – someone took on board one of my suggestions…..Thank-you.

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