Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 75

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Welcome to Episode 75 of the Meeples & Minaitures Podcast.

In this show, I discuss the recent Partizan Wargames show, including my thoughts on my first game of the new ‘Saga’ rules from Gripping Beast

I also look in-depth at the new Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine, and interview Jasper Oorthuys & Guy Bowers about revitalising this title.

I hope you enjoy the show

2 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 75

  1. Glad you enjoyed the game Neil, it was nice to meet up with you and Dave


  2. Neil,

    Great podcast, the usual high standard. I have to agree that I thought that the show was quieter than the ones I have been to before but still great to go to.

    My highlight was Saga, Mike took me and my wargaming buddy through a couple of turns and we are hooked. Viking force duly purchased and now beginning to paint up ready for the rules.

    Looking forward to all the reviews in the magazines.


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