Incoming 2.0 – Episode 9 – w/e 10th June 2011

Download Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Incoming 2.0 podcast, in which I look at my favourite miniature & rules releases for w/e 10th June 2011.

I hope you enjoy it.

Miniatures & Rules featured in the episode:

Gamecraft 1:285 terrain

JR Miniatures Vietnam Terrain

Tabletop Games Timbered House

Daves Games Paper Terrain

Worldworks Sewers of Malifaux

Corsec Engineering Space Mat

Hel Dorado New Releases

Malifaux releases for July & August

Red Box new releases

Maelstrom Alassar

Maelstrom Ulmons Tarask of Var

Black Hat Shattered Isles Dwarf

Four A Miniatures Dwarfs

Monday Knight Productions new vehicles

Rebel Minis CATS

15mm Space Knights

Ramshackle Games sci-fi support troopers

Warlord Games

Beneath the Lilly Banners

Fantasy Flight Edler Sign Boardgame

Fantasy Flight Gears of War

Fantasy Flight Dust Tactics

Fantasy Flight Tannhauser Mizu figure

1 Comment on Incoming 2.0 – Episode 9 – w/e 10th June 2011

  1. Neil
    I can see why you like the Timbered House from Tabletop WORLD (not Games).
    I just bought one, and plan to use it as a Witch’s cottage in the woods. So ‘yup’ to the fantasy vibe!


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