‘Meeples’ in print!

The latest issue of Battlegames magazine arrived with a ‘thump’ on my doormat this morning…

…this issue is, of course, very exciting as it sees my first published article, well, the first non-review article that I’ve had published for a number of years.

Entitled ‘Treading the boards’, it’s an overview of some of the current batch of boardgames that wargamers and miniature gamers might find appealing, should they want to try something a bit different (or requiring slightly shorter lead times in order to play)

Hopefully people will find it useful.

Also (and as previously hinted at on a recent VftV episode) this issue heralds the start of something new for me, as Issue 27 will see me take over the ‘Forward Observer’ coloumn from Mike Siggins. This is a whole new ball game for me, and I hope that I can continue to provide the same quality of prose that Mike has produced since Battlegames was first published.

I wish Mike all the very best, and I hope that he’s left the seat warm in the OP.

3 Comments on ‘Meeples’ in print!

  1. Congrats Neil!

    I’m sure you will do very well.


  2. I was actually reading your article earlier and thought I should drop you a line to say congratulations
    So I have done 🙂



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