Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 76

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Welcome to Episode 76 of the Meeples & Minaitures Podcast.

In this show, I interview Jon Sutherland.

Jon is most well known in the hobby as a writer, and his wife Diane has possibly the most famous pair of female hands in wargaming (she is the author of the ‘Wargames Widow’ articles for Battlegames magazine) but more recently he has embarked on a new venture – Wargames Holidays in Crete.

I talk to Jon about his gaming background, and the mammoth undertaking it has been to put together this new business.

I hope you enjoy the show

5 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 76

  1. Amazing man. Just amazing.
    I’m in awe of the work ethic and output of the fellow, truly something to aspire to.
    Sounds like a top bloke too.

    Great interview Neil, and looking forward to the follow-up with Jon & Diane.


    • Thanks Snowcat – it was great to talk with Neil about the Wargame Holidays centre. Its been a labour of love, always something I wanted to do, had to wait 30 years to fulfil the dream!

  2. Inspiring or utterly mad – both are appealing. the whole idea od sending the women off to the beach and spend the day gaming has a certain aattraction……. 😉

  3. PatG – a bit of both to be honest. You have to be a bit mad don’t you? So far, the spouses have shown a fleeting interest in whats going on downstairs in the wargame room. They’ve taken full advantage of the sunbeds and pool and the fact the beach is only five minutes away. One brave soul has even walked the Samaria Gorge whilst her husband was playing a game!

  4. A fascinating chat, which confirms everything I feared about Jon. 😉
    Even more staggering than the toy soldier statistics is Jon and Diane’s authoring output. 220+ books! That ought to be outlawed to give new authors like me a chance… ‘Snot fair!

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