New View from the Veranda Episode

A new episode of View from the Veranda podcast has been published.

These new episodes are being published on a new iTunes feed, so you will have to subscribe to this new feed to pick up this podcast in future.

In the mean time, you can download the latest episode from the View from the Veranda website.

17 Comments on New View from the Veranda Episode

  1. Hi Neil,

    Looking forward to hearing this. I can’t find the View from the Veranda feed in iTunes. Is it called something else?

  2. Doctor P // July 10, 2011 at 09:31 // Reply

    Any chance of accessing the podcast on something other then itunes? Not everyone uses itunes -some of us don’t use Windows or Mac.

    • What do you suggest?
      I can post the RSS feed details from libsyn. Will that help?

      • Doctor P // July 11, 2011 at 07:17 //

        Thanks for your reply. Libsyn sounds good. Any system that enables the podcast to be downloaded without requiring itunes would be great.

      • I’ve now created a new tab on the View from the Veranda website with details of the RSS feed, so you can link to this directly rather than using iTunes

        Hope that helps

  3. Excellent – won’t be able to play this for a couple of days, but really looking forward to it!


  4. Doctor P // July 12, 2011 at 06:45 // Reply

    Many thanks for adding the RSS feed. Downloading now.

    Much appreciated.

  5. Melvyn Jenkins-Welch // July 12, 2011 at 12:34 // Reply

    neil i can’t find VFTV on itunes. Is it listed under you, henry or both

    • Its not there yet. ITunes appears to be taking its time to create the new podcast…

      Please watch this space, I will let you know when it appears…

      • Apparently, I missed the somewhat vital step of registering the new RSS feed on my iTunes account.

        I’ve now completed that, so everything should appear shortly…just awaiting feed approval from Apple.

  6. Quite enjoyed this one. Have listened to it twice so far. I definitely fall into the Collector category, much as I might like to call myself a Wargamer – but that’s all going to change when I take over the world!!! Nice to hear Point Systems getting a sideways mention in passing too.


  7. Waiting for the Itunes feed. Snowcat, are you toying with me, as we all know there are laws in place that stop Henry and Neil actually talking about points systems?
    I dread to think how many times I’ve listened to the past ones, and if you’ve listened to the latest twice already, then I’m praying for that feed to appear soon on Itunes.

  8. I just right clicked and selected Save Link As (downloading the file). Then I played it twice using Windows Media Player. (iTunes is a bane.)

  9. That was a good episode though it was pretty long – I’ve ended up listening to it in parts rather than straight through. I’m worried that the world will end now that Neil and Henry have touched on points systems. More seriously I do understand the split between gamers and wargamers and how much people are interested in the history side or just playing a game.

    I think Peter Pig have a useful thing in many of their sets of rules where the pre game part prevents it just being two sets of armies selected to equal points meeting in an encounter battle. Though looking back at Don Featherstone’s books there is little new under the sun in any set of rules these days.

  10. Thanks a lot for the name checks guys! Diane was smirking when she heard what Henry said, he might well be right…

  11. Neil Siddons-Smith // July 30, 2011 at 08:24 // Reply

    Hi Neil,
    I’ve really enjoyed the last two shows and it has made me think about wargaming and gaming in general. I have just played fear god and drednought (a ww1 naval game0 which has written orders and we play it with an umpire. I wrote orders to my ships from my flagship and he didn’t understand them so i had a few turns delay. i have found that naval games do seem to have more smiltanious movement which can be very good fun although i’ve ended up having a couple of naval distators due to my ships not getting the flag message. There is also wooden ships and iron men and actung spitfire. THese are all games i’ve played. It was interesting when you mentioned about games and bounderies and a lot of games you know when the reinforcements would be. I think it would be interesting if you refort waterloo and the umpire didn’t tell the players that the pussians where not going to turn up. I think a few people would be upset but it would stop them expecting the prussians. There is a game called four lost battles by kevin zucker who has card driven system. THe game is set on 1813 four battles including kulm. he has that you have normal reinforcements and then also alternative reinforncements that can come on with the play of cards if you have the card. he also have cards that you can play on your opponant that cause reinforments to get lost and not come on the board. THis is one of the only games i’ve played where by you as the comander do not know if your reinforments will turn up and even worse your opponant could be coming on instead. It also includes battle friction with that of your commander is out of comand of your overal commander he has to role to see if his troops will move. THese make the game have more of the frixctions of war but i know alot of gamers who don’t like them as they don’t have full comand of there army but like you said who ever did expectially in the horse and msket period. I agree with your fact with miniture gaming and board wargaming. i enjoy miniutres but find it much harder to get in to when i can not ganrentee the players who would spend the same time and resoruces in the game. unlike if i get a board game only i have to have the game and they only need to read the rules. I used to do napoleonic miniutrers at my old club but find it difficult to get back into as i don’t have the army and i don’t know people who do it. i was able to get in to field of glory though as my club in derby play it alot. Anyway i’ll leave it the and keep up the good work on the veranda.
    Neil Siddons-Smith

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