Podcast downloads hit a new milestone

The number of downloads for the Meeples & Miniatures, Incoming and View from the Veranda podcasts surpassed a new milestone yesterday, as it went above 250,000.

I find this number simply staggering.

A Huge Thank You to everyone who has downloaded the show since it first started in January 2007. Your support over the years is very much appreciated.

Thank You as well to everyone who has sent me email or left comments – your encouragement and feedback has been invaluable.

I hope I can continue to produce a show which people will find both entertaining and informative.


10 Comments on Podcast downloads hit a new milestone

  1. Neil – as a listener since pretty much episode 1, all I can say is keep up the good work, and thanks a lot for your efforts. I look forward to each and every episode.

  2. Hello Neil,
    I have all the podcasts since no 1. I love them simply because of being informative and entertaining…excellent while painting models as the cool me down after a day at work…
    Keep on doing them.
    Markus Schenk
    Duisburg, Germany

  3. Well you can thank me but all I have to do is link to you in Itunes, and wait for your new podcasts to arrive…….the real thanks goes to you Neil, for all the effort and commitment in producing them, and also to your willing victims, I mean guests, for giving up their time to be on your podcasts.

  4. Well done Neil! I suppose the new goal is 250,000 downloads per episode!

  5. Keep ’em coming!


  6. No, Neil, it’s us your loyal listeners who are thanking you. You mix of detailed reviews, news of games releases, chatty interview style, philosophising about the hobby, and sheer enthusiasm for gaming makes your shows a joy to listen to, again and again.

    By the way, the recent episode of VIEW FROM THE VERANDA is the first time I’ve ever been carried away by a podcast. I found myself alternately nodding in agreement, with Henry’s & your comments, and growling with frustration that I couldn’t share my point of view. Please keep up the good work. πŸ™‚


  7. And get that ruddy Meeples favicon I sent you up! If VFTV can have one (and it does) then the same applies to you, especially as yours had several months’ start!


  8. As a fellow sufferer of Baccusitus, may I insist on having a 6mm Favicon? πŸ™‚

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