3 Comments on Miniature Review – Heresy Miniatures Goblin Archers

  1. Thank you for the review = the notes on the flash and mould lines where really useful and linking the bare metal back to the painted samples is a great idea. Not sure the box shots add anything as I bin my boxes 🙂 and I would have preferred a size guide to the box shots – either a coin or ruler – sure I have seen a small cast height guide on TMP before.

    I am part way through painting the Hasslefree ViKtor Shaman that is along similar cloaked/fur line http://www.hasslefreeminiatures.co.uk/pack.php?pack=694 as like yourself I think goblins are wild rather than comic.

    Great review and really useful

  2. While this was a useful, detailed review, and served to remind me why I liked these figures when they were released, a couple of things could be improved:
    1. the quality of the photos. They really don’t show the figures to proper effect.
    2. a size/scale comparison with other figures, eg goblins and humans, including a ruler.

  3. Thanks for the great review show, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really don’t like the fantasy genre, but I’m sorely tempted to by some of the Goblin Archers. 🙂

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