Ex Illis ‘Intro’ Tournament – September 17th 2011

I am very pleased to announce that we atMeeples & Miniatures, will, in conjunction with Total Wargamer be holding an ‘Introduction to Ex Illis’ tournament at the Total Wargamer shop in Evesham on Saturday, 17th September 2011.

Dave Luff and I will be helping to run an all-comers Ex Illis tournament, using the starter armies from the box set of Ex Illis. Plus, we will also be running a larger demo game to show what extra options are available when larger, higher level armies are used.

The day will start at 11.00. Dave and I will be in store for most of the day, so come along and say ‘Hi’ and find out first hand what Ex Illis is all about.

For more details about Total Wargamer, including directions to the store, go to http://www.totalwargamer.co.uk

See you there!

3 Comments on Ex Illis ‘Intro’ Tournament – September 17th 2011

  1. No idea what Ex Illis is Neil, but hope it all goes well.

    Maybe see you at Partizan on Sunday?

    Cheers Paul Darnell

  2. If you are going to Evesham, then pop into Beast Towers and see if you can get an early copy of Saga.
    I will try and pop over if I can escape the decorating

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