Incursion boardgame on offer…

SNAFU, the first expansion for the Incursion boardgame from Grindhouse Games, was released a few weeks ago.

The book contains 19 new scenarios for the game, including several that use both sides of the board simultaneously – which is a bit of a problem if you only have a single copy of the game, especially as the boards are not available seperately.

However, for a couple of weeks, that isn’t a problem.

Grindhouse Games and West Wind Productions have put the Incursion boardgame on offer until the 16th September.

For those who live in the US, Grindhouse Games are offering the game for $15.00. In the UK, West Wind Productions are selling the game for £15.00.

I ordered a copy of the game from West Wind, and received the game in 24 hours – excellent service indeed. Obviously, its a time limited offer, but one worth checking out.

2 Comments on Incursion boardgame on offer…

  1. But is it any good?

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