DIY Saga dice

Unfortunately, Gripping Beast are currently out-of-stock of their rather nice custom-etched Saga dice.

With a game coming up this week, I was forced to improvise…

First, download the ‘Saga Symbols for Custom Dice’ PDF from the Saga forum.

Next, order 8 ‘Blank Dice’ from EM4 Miniatures

Finally, spend some time with scissors, glue & gloss varnish…et voila…

They don’t look too bad – and because they have only cost £1.25 to make, it means that the change you have saved from the £12 you would have spent is enough to buy another pack of Crusader Normans – sorted!

6 Comments on DIY Saga dice

  1. They ook nice Neil, good luck with the game, and don’t forget to post a battle report on the forum

  2. Are they the 14mm D6’s ??

  3. Made some myself last weekend using 14mm & 18mm (extra large for the Warlord) D6’s. Just had to snip the corners to stop the images hanging over any edges on the smaller dice.

    I am quite happy with the results and more than pleased with the cost saving ..

  4. Justin Taylor // August 2, 2012 at 12:17 // Reply

    I made a set of generic dice (red, yellow and green faces). You then change the symbols on the sheets to colours and your set of dice then allows you to play with any SAGA army.

  5. I like your dice Neil! But since I can’t bother to fuss with stickers, I think I will reproduce them in wood, probably red oak for durability…

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