8 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures Podcast – Episode 80

  1. Been looking forward to this.

  2. Good to have you back Neil.

  3. thirded, I’have this ear marked to listen to tomorrow

  4. Well, 20 minutes into the interview and I’ve already downloaded and paid for IABSM3…
    Dang that was quick!


  5. Great interview.

    Merry Christmas Neil.

  6. Christmas has come early, in the form of episode 80. 🙂

    I really enjoyed your review of the game, Neil, and the in-depth review / interview with Richard Clarke. I’m a serious FLAMES player, but I’m open-minded to playing other WWII games, with m existing FOW armies, or moving into other scales.

    One thing I would have liked to have heard in the review was a break-down of how the game is set-up. Does the game use a selection of generic missions, or is there a scenario generation table? Can it be used to play campaigns, or refight historical battles? Are armies balance by points, victory conditions, or are game unbalanced and prone to player abuse (as I’ve found too often with BLACK POWDER)?

    I would also like to hear how IABSM does army list? Do the book include them, do you have to buy or download an army list book, can players just bring all their models to the table…?

    Is there any chance of you adding a quick 5 minutes to the beginning of the next episode, about how IABSM does missions. scenarios and victory conditions?

    Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


  7. By the way, the comic book effects of “the guy in Texas” that you referred to is of Willy Schweis, and his blog Tactical Miniatures Wargaming, is a fun one. Here is one of his Sharpe Practice entries: http://tacticalminiaturesgaming.blogspot.com/2011/07/sharps-escape-episode-1.html


  8. The only reason I haven’t bought IABSM yet is that I can’t decide whether I want a set of the paper rules or not. Once I overcome the decision paralysis it will be (just like Operation: Squad and Napoleon At War) All Neil’s Fault. Again.

    Merry Christmas, and thank you for providing me with a reason to buy lots of 15mm WW2.

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