“The Plan 2012” – part one

It’s always good to have a plan – or so I’m told. In the past I have had grand plans for what I was going to accomplish in my hobby, and have generally failed dismally.

This year is going to be different….I hope(!)

So, I thought I’d commit my plans to print – just so you can monitor my progress month-by-month and see just how unrealistic I have been by the end of the year.

Here goes:

I’ve actually managed to paint a fair few of my Ex-Illis miniatures in the last 12 months. However, I have since finalised 2 armies, and need to knuckle down and finish painting the units for them. I have a total of 11 units, 2 hero character and 2 large monsters to paint, so lots to get started with.

Saga is likely to be a very popular game at club in the next year, and I’ve already got a Norman warband to paint – 73 models in total (15 Mounted and 58 foot). I’m looking to expand this with both Saxon & Viking warbands later in the year, but don’t want to start them until after my Normans are finished.

Tomorrow’s War was released in the last quarter of 2011, and I’m looking forward to playing this a lot in 2012. I’ve got several packs of figures to paint for this, but the first ones onto my painting table will be my Copplestone Assault Troopers and Neo-Soviets, followed by the Colonial Marines from the Woodbine Design Company, along with a couple of Heresy Hrun figures. The new releases from Defiance Games are also on my radar, and will be added to the list later in the year.

I’m a huge Vietnam fan, and with the Ambush Valley expansion being released for Force on Force, it gives me ample excuse to revisit my aborted 28mm Vietnam project. I already have a platoon of US Army and VC painted. so just the USMC and NVA, plus vehicles and buildings to dig out and paint.

Incursion didn’t get out on the table much last year, and it’s a great game. So, one of my plans is to ensure that I paint all my minis for both Incursion and SNAFU.

Quite a large project in itself, but it will make a change from painting armour after I’ve finished my Normans…

I need to get my Ancients armies started – they are only 6mm after all, and shouldn’t take too long to get 20 elements painted (no, really!). Marian Romans and Parthians to start, with more enemies of Rome to added later in the year.

I Ain’t Been Shot Mum is going to be my WW2 game of choice for 2012, and it means starting a whole new scale for this period – 15mm.

I’m planing on using the Plastic Soldier Company for the majority of the miniatures, with Forged in Battle filling any gaps. I fully expect to be adding to this collection for the next couple of years, but will be starting this year with German Heer, as the PSC have lots of troops and vehicles available.

Well, that’s a start. I will be updating you with progress at the end of each month, and come July will update “The Plan” with any new targets for the rest of the year…

4 Comments on “The Plan 2012” – part one

  1. Very ambitious there mate.

    I’ve one plan at the moment and that’s to get my Anglo Danes finished for SAGA (only 37minis in my build). I hope to have them completed by the end of the month. I started them on the 1st of Jan and have 8 done so far with 5 more well on the way.

    Think I might have to do a blog post soon – as I want to actually keep a tally of minis painted this year and your post has inspired me to try formulating bit of a plan. I don’t think I’ll go for such a large list though – crikey!


  2. Two questions Neil – what painted miniatures/armies do you actually have right now? And what have you got in your lead and plastic mountain? I think that would make a really post – or even a really interesting podcast. It might be very interesting to hear what you got, when you got it, what you hoped to do with it and what you’ve actually done…

    And very best of luck with this year’s plan!

  3. Neil
    I have to say your plan sounds a wee tad ‘A Bridge Too Far’ to me. Maybe focus on 3 for the year, eg SAGA, Ex-Illis, plus 1 other.

  4. Hi Neil
    Just tried Tomorrow’s War and love the game so am planning on doing that plus Vietnam in 15mm this year
    we’ll have to compare notes to see how we get on


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