‘The Plan’ – January 2012

Ok, a couple of days late, but here are the minis that I have managed to paint in January…they all appeared in my Ex-Illis Tournament army last weekend.

Unit of Ympes – the front, darker red, unit in this picture

Soffrances (Rear) and Hobelars (Front)

A Couple of Heros – A Decurion (The angel-like figure) and William Wallace (in the blue with the red cloak)

Closer look at the Decurion

2 Comments on ‘The Plan’ – January 2012

  1. Very nice – well done sire. I can see using some of those figures in other games.

  2. lovely work Neil, you should post them on twitter.
    every Monday a load of us post pics of miniatures we’ve painted using the hashtag #miniaturemonday
    be nice to see Ex Illis being represented as it’s mostly GW figs and a few historicals from me

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