Ex-Illis Tournament, 4th February 2012 @ Total Wargamer, Evesham

Last Saturday saw several of us get together for a day’s gaming of Ex-Illis at Total Wargamer, Evesham. unfortunately, a combination of illness and domestic issues meant that the original intended Swiss tournament format was somewhat reduced.

Round 1 – Josh plays Alastair

Round 1 – My opponent…a very Angry Panda!

Round 1 – Dave plays Ian…a very long and tactically challenging battle, as it turned out

Round 2 – Alastair is heavily defeated by Dave

Round 2 – Josh pulls off a shock win against Ian

Round 3 – Ian defeating Alastair

Round 3 – Josh is narrowly defeated by Neil…

…but Dave once again proves to be Neil’s nemesis

Other pictures of the day can be found on the Total Wargamer Facebook Page

Conragtulations go to Dave Luff, who was the only player to win all three of his games on the day.

Many thanks to everyone for attending and for Paul of Total Wargamer for proving once again to be a most welcoming host. We are looking to run another tournament on the 17th March 2012 – more players are most welcome.

2 Comments on Ex-Illis Tournament, 4th February 2012 @ Total Wargamer, Evesham

  1. I think you mentioned in your review of the year show but found it hard to winat Ex Illis – maybe it is Dave in particular who is the tough opponent 🙂 ?

  2. In fact, if Dave ever comes on the show again, maybe you could get him to reveal his top tactical tips…

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