TFL enters the Dark Age

Regular visitors and Podcast listeners will know that one of my favourite rules authors are the chaps at Too Fat Lardies.

Also, if you listened to Episode 81 of the podcast, you will also know that my favourite game of last year was Saga from Gripping Beast / Studio Tomahawk.

These two facts seem to be on a collision course, as the Too Fat Lardies Blog has been featuring thoughts and sample battle reports on Dark Age battles (looking somewhat similar to Sharpe Practice style games in size, from what I can see) Yes, it seems that like all of us, Mr Clarke & Co. are easily distracted from working on ECW, WW2 etc by the lure of a new shiny period…

The current posts on these new rules sound very interesting indeed – I’m looking forward to hearing more…perhaps I need a quick chat on a podcast…

1 Comment on TFL enters the Dark Age

  1. Christoffer // February 10, 2012 at 10:55 // Reply

    Oh and ask them when the Boer war game comes out!

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