Recent Gaming (15th February 2012)

I meant to post this last week, but got distracted with editing podcast episodes…

I’ve been playing miniature games for several weeks at Scimitar Wargames Club, so it was nice to have a change of pace and play some lite boardgames.

The first was King of Tokyo, which is a Kaiju-themed dice game.

It’s a very fast and fun game (we were playing with 5 players, and the game played in about 45 minutes) – the theme is well implemented, although the board is, to be honest, almost superfluous to the game itself. Giant monsters gaining extra superpowers and trying to kill each other – that about sums the game up nicely, I think.

Next up was Survive: Escape From Atlantis. This is the Stronghold Games reprint of this classic from 1982, with all-new bits.

I’ve actually never played this before, but it’s another lite, family friendly game with just enough edge to keep the more hard-core gamer interested (especially with th 5-6 player and Kraken expansions in play).

Nice artwork, lots of wooden bits, ’nuff said.

The final game of the night was Martian Dice. This is another in the ‘…Dice’ games range, which also includes Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice.

This is by far the best.

It’s a typical push-your-luck dice game, with the aim of collecting as many human, cow and chicken (!?) icons as possible, whilst fighting off the human tanks with your own space ships.

A lite and very fast filler game, ideal for a quick 10-minutes to end an evening of gaming.

1 Comment on Recent Gaming (15th February 2012)

  1. Rich Jones // March 2, 2012 at 22:48 // Reply

    Went and got King of Tokyo. It’s a real fun fast game. 4 of us were taking 20 mins or less after the first game.
    Thanks !

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