Shiny new games…

Several of us at Scimitar have taken advantage of the current sale at Heron Games to add a couple of board games to our collections.

Though not in the sale, Pete did take advantage of the order to get hold of a copy of the new version of Nexus Ops from FFG.

Suffice it to say that this new edition is very pretty; the plastic figures really are good, and the artwork is once again excellent.  I thought I might be able to resist this, but having now seen it, it’s firmly on my ‘must have’ list.

One game I did get hold of was Target Earth. This game has been on my radar ever since it was released, and at £25, it was too good an offer to miss.

You may remember that on a couple of occasions I’ve mentioned I’m a huge fan of the old Microprose game X-Com: UFO Defense?

Well, Target Earth is the essentials of this game distilled down into a board game. It’s even playable solo, so I’m looking forward to getting to grips with this when we on holiday over Easter.

The only down-side is that there are no nice figures with the game – everything is card counters. I’m looking at ‘pimping’ this game by adding 2mm dropships, tanks and fightes from Ground Zero Games, and 15mm troops from Critical Mass.

Unfortunately, a quick tot-up of what I would want for the game comes to over £50, so this will have to be one of those projects which will have to be added to the ‘nice to do, eventually’ list.

2 Comments on Shiny new games…

  1. Target Earth? This sounds rather promising. I’m a huge fan of the original X-com games (even played Apocalypse for a bit. It’s different but a very, very fun game) and it’s just staggering how much in terms of x-com remakes is getting released this year.

    Anyhow, after reading reviews I want this game now. Me and my gaming friends have been into co-operative games for quite a while now whilst the more competetive amongst them surely will enjoy the other mode that’s a little more ….well, competetive.

    There is a minor snag though – the price you mentioned is also part of what me sold on the game. Annoyingly, the game goes for at least €45-50 around here.

    Do you have any suggestions about UK retailers off whom I could get the game for a price closer to the 25 quid? 🙂 I’d be greatful.

    Again, thanks for the heads-up on interesting games to play. Have a good weekend!

  2. Argh, sorry. Should have read the first line in the article, shouldn’t I have…. :S

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