Saga ‘Northern Fury’ release date annouced

Gripping Beast have announced the release date for the much-anticipated first expansion to their ‘Saga’ dark age skirmish rules.

Northern Fury will be released on April 3rd, along with starter packs for the four new factions: Scots, Bretons, Anglo-Saxon and Jomsvikings. The Socts even get a new set of dice.

As well as the rules for these new factions and new Battle Boards, the book also contains a new, multi-player scenario; Wooden Oaths. Price is £12.

Full details are on the Gripping Beast website, but I hope to be producing a podcast which focuses on Saga at the end of March.

And talking of Saga, I previously highlighted the Saga measuring sticks from Warbases on this blog – well what about these:

These measuring sticks for Saga have a distinct Viking theme. They are produced by Battle Flag and are available from 1st Corps or Curtley’s Miniatures, priced at £10.

Simply awesome!

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