Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 84

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Welcome to Episode 84 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

In this show, I look back at the new releases and news from around the wargaming world that have caught my eye in the last couple of weeks.

In the in-depth review, I change tack slightly and look at a recently released boardgame: Pirates of Nassau from Gung-Ho Games.

I hope you enjoy the show.

8 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 84

  1. Great show Neil. Great way to present a review show, incorporating it with the normal M&M.

  2. Brilliant show Neil – also VERY happy to support and recommend all your new show sponsors. Love them all!

  3. Good show – thank you.
    I was intrigued by the way Pirates of Nassau use a variable number of points I mean cards to balance the game for different numbers of players….

  4. Neil I love Meeples and miniatures and look forward to every episode. One little thing though, please, please no more in depth reviews of games you don’t like. There is nothing like listening to an hour long explanation of a game and trying to grasp it only to get to the end and hear well actually the game sucks :)The only thing worse I think would be hearing a review of a great game and hearing that it is no longer available 🙂 Keep up the great work

    • Hi Norman

      Many thanks for your comment.

      Whilst I understand your potential frustration with this, I am also aware that I am giving my opinion. In the case of ‘Pirates…’ I am still asking the question over whether I am being harsh, or whether the game is flawed. If it’s flawed, how on earth could this have been missed in play testing?

      I’d agreed with Gung-Ho Games to review the game, and I wanted to give it ‘a fair airing’ if you like, and I do genuinely like many of the mechanics, so I wanted to present as reasoned an arguement as possible.

      There are not that many games that I don’t like, and I found much of merit in ‘Pirates…’ which I wanted to present.

      All that said, I hear what you are saying, and if I’m in that position again, perhaps an ‘in-depth’ approach is not warranted.


  5. Thanks for another great show, Neil.

    I particularly enjoyed your in-depth review of PIRATES OF NASSAU. It sounds like a game with great potential, and I look forward to buying the improved, Second Edition of the game.

    Thinking about the nature of your in-depth reviews, I’m surprised companies like GUNG-HO GAMES don’t ask you to play-test their games during the development phase, rather than merely reviewing the final product.


  6. In regards to Norman’s comments (q.v.), would it be possible to write up a time-index for future shows, quickly noting when major features like Incoming, game reviews, interviews, etc… appear in the podcast. That way, listeners could easily zoom to favourite bits they want to listen to again, or skip over sections which don’t interest them.

    The CRUCIBLE OF REALMS podcast do this for their show, and it’s very handy for role-playing Games Masters, who want to borrow specific ideas for their games.


    • Andrew

      It’s a habit I have fallen out of – I used to do it, so yes, it’s something I’ll get ‘back in the habit’ of doing…


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