Meeples & Miniatures Podcast news

I recorded the main content for Episode 85 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast on Monday night – a three-way show with guests Rich Jones and Mike Hobbs. As promised, the show gives an in-depth review of the Saga Dark Age skirmish rules from Gripping Beast, as well as looking at what is coming up in the new Northern Fury expansion.

In addition to the chat with Mike & Rich, I will also be looking at what figure ranges you might want to consider to play these games, and I will have the result of the Coat d’Arms competition.

Look for this show to be published around the Easter weekend.

It’s the Society of Ancients Battle Day this coming weekend, and I am hoping to be recording content for Episode 86 from this show – more news next week.

Looking forward a couple more weeks, Saturday 21st April is Salute, and I will be there, hoping to grab interviews with all the big names and get details of all the new releases. Look out for shows containing interviews from Salute to be published in the days and weeks after the show.

Finally, many of you are wondering what has happened to View from the Veranda. It’s been very difficult for Henry and I to get a recording date, but again, I am hoping that we might be able to record something over the Easter holiday – I’ll keep you posted.

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