Society of Ancients Battle Day 2012

Saturday 31st March 2012 is the ninth annual Society of Ancients Battle Day.

This years sees a refight of the battle of Plataea from 479 BC – ‘The day the Greeks decisively defeated the invading Persian army to secure their freedom, and arguably define for the next 2,500 years the cultural basis of what we call today “the west”.

As in previous years, members of Scimitar Wargames Group will be there with an epic-sized Commands & Colors game, and I am hoping to record aspects of the day for a future podcast show.

A ‘dry run’ of the epic C&C:Ancients refight of Plataea with 20mm plastics on 28th March 2012 – the brainchild of Andrew Lawrence (standing)

More pictures to follow after the event…

3 Comments on Society of Ancients Battle Day 2012

  1. Hello Neil, sorry I didn’t bump into you at Salute..only bumped into Henry as I was about to leave!
    Hope you enjoyed the show, I picked up a few things but came away without a few things I was after…don’t think I’ll take stuff to the Bring & Buy next time – the guys work ever so hard but it takes an age to queue to leave stuff in and cash in at the end, and I could have used that time to seek more out!
    Anyway – using C & C Ancients with figures..have you done an item on that? If not could you please??



    • Hi Mervyn

      Sorry I missed you at Salute – perhaps next year?

      I haven’t really talked about C&C for a long time, and it’s really about due for another outing – especially with a new release of a Samurai version almost upon us – so I will chat about it then, OK?


  2. Neil, I know how you love your Samurai….so that sounds like a plan!! I will look forward to it.



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