View from the Veranda Episode 8 has been published

At long last, Henry Hyde & I have managed to find ourselves with diaries in conjunction, and have recoreded another episode of View from the Veranda.

You can find the show at the View from the Veranda website, and it’s also available on iTunes – just look for ‘View from the Veranda’ in audio podcasts -> Games -> Other Games

4 Comments on View from the Veranda Episode 8 has been published

  1. A wonderful present for a Monday morning. Thank you gentlemen.

  2. A comment about the new GW paints. One would think that with MORE paints, every old paint would get their own equivalent in the new range. However, in the conversion chart there are old paints that lists the SAME new paint as their equivalent.

    Which in my opinion shows how much the conversion chart is worth. Zip, zilch, nil, nada, zero, nothing. Regardless of how good the new colours are.

  3. I agree but that’s not a problem of the conversion chart, that’s a problem of the paint formulas just being different now, probably due to them switching to a new manufacturer (who I think is located in the UK again). So it’s impossible to have a proper conversion chart. 🙂

    I do get your problem of course and it is somewhat annoying. There are quite a few paints I would have loved to have bought en masse before the switch (like Tin Bitz, some Foundation paints, washes and maybe some more). So glad I got a more-than-half dead mega paint set from around 2000. 😀

  4. I’m in two-minds about the new GW paints.

    Personally, I think it’s a good idea for those who want to take their painting to a more professional standard.

    But as someone who has used GW paints for 20 years, I find it frustrating that I can’t find exactly duplicates to match my old paints. Considering the price of GW paints, and the fact I won’t be able to exactly match my colours, I’ll be taking to opportunity to switch over to Ral Partha paints, which are good quality, and less than half the price of GW paints.

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