Recent gaming – Flames Above the Falklands

It’s 30 years since the Falklands War, and several of us at club, being modern war enthusiasts, thought that we might commemorate this anniversary with some gaming of a couple of the major engagements during the conflict.

For the first game, we decided on a scenario based around the landings in San Carlos water – for this we used the rules ‘Flames Above the Falklands’ from Tumbling Dice. This ruleset enables players to game the air war over the Falklands as the Royal Navy Sea Harriers and RAF Harriers defend the British fleet from the Argentinian Air Force and Navy, who flew Mirage IIIs, A4 Skyhawks, Super Entendards and Pucaras (amongst others)

Andy (standing) provided all the aircraft, ships, troops plus a fantastic looking play area (although we are assured that next time we see it, the white bits will be green!)

Richard plans a Skyhawk attack on the ships in San Carlos water.

It was also really interesting playing the game with 2 ex-service guys, who gave us some very interesting insights into some of the tactics (and flaws) of both sides.

A good night was had by all, and it’s likely to be re-run in a couple of weeks.

3 Comments on Recent gaming – Flames Above the Falklands

  1. So – who won? 😉

    • It was pretty much following history when we had to pack up for the evening…so the RN/RAF were ahead – especially as the first Argentine Exocet missed!

      I did like the game because you could get a good result by rolling a ‘1’!

  2. James Field // July 1, 2012 at 18:08 // Reply

    Would it be possible to get more info about the rules (except the “Flames above the Falklnads” rules, scenario, models used etc.? Or do the rules cover the entire game? Cheers. Jimmy

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