The tale of the missing episode…

You have probably noticed that you are missing a podcast episode that should have been posted up over this last weekend.

There are several excuses for this:

I did actually record a show a few days ago with Rich Jones and Mike Hobbs. Unfortunately:

  • We didn’t finish recording the show in the timeslot we had available
  • We decided that the material we had recorded was utter rubbish (due to various interruptions, technical issues and the general level of utter drivel being spoken) and decided to start again!

We tried to arrange a date to re-record over the last weekend, but through several factors this wasn’t possible.
I also got distracted from recording a solo show as I was busy painting my Norman Saga army!

It is doubtful that I can get a show recorded this week, as it is deadline time for the next issue of Battlegames, and I still have several reviews to finish. However, this does mean that I should then have lots of material for the next few shows.

We are re-recording our review of ‘Muskets & Tomahawks’ next Monday evening, so this should be available by the end of next week.

Many thanks for your patience chaps


2 Comments on The tale of the missing episode…

  1. you can blame me for most of the drivel that was spoken, sorry chaps (and chapesses) will do better next time

  2. Drivel now or quality later – I know my preference. No worries guys, it will be done went it is done.

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