Would you use a Smartphone App to listen to the show?

Hello Everyone

As technology continues to move on, obviously one of the challenges we face as podcast producers is keeping up with you, the listener, want to download and listen to the shows that we produce.

One new avenue that has opened up recently is the ability to have a dedicated Smartphone App to download and listen to the show (no more messing around downloading from the website alone).

The question is, would this be something you would be interested in? It would require a minimal outlay for the app (perhaps £1 or so) but that would be an alternative and convienient way of listening to the podcast.

Let me know what you think…

11 Comments on Would you use a Smartphone App to listen to the show?

  1. Neil,
    I think that would be a great move since many people are already moving in this direction. It could be a chance to add to the format since you could link via the app to the video reviews and additional content
    I’d be happy to pay for that but can plead that once purchased the app could work with multiple devices (phone and tablet) since many of us listen via different devices at different times

  2. hi Neil
    I already use a podcast app on my phone which links to itunes and allows me to download and listen to it. but having a dedicated app would be a great idea
    would you do an andriod and iphone version to cover all bases?

  3. Hi Neil
    In the poll I’ve said that I have no interest in the app but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good idea. In my opinion you should make a move to get the show as widely available as possible and smart phones would be a great way of doing this.
    For your research/interest I subscribe through iTunes and each new show downloads automatically. As it happens I tend to listen to the show on my iPhone when painting figures or driving to meetings.
    Phil Mackie
    PS Attack! 2012 is on 21-22 July at Devizes School, The Green, Devizes Wiltshire SN10 3AG.
    Top name traders, large bring and buy and six competitions, real ale bar plus games to play.

    PPS Tomahawks and Muskets show – I don’t think any of you mentioned the excellent Front Rank FIW ranges http://www.frontrank.com/3_3_lev3_The_French_Indian_War.asp

  4. I am in the same position as Philip – no interest personally but doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. I dislike itunes and get all my podcasts directly from the sources using a client.

  5. I voted yes, but it depends on a couple of factors.

    First: It would have to be available on Android (which you have confirmed above, just adding my vote to the android camp).

    Second: It would depend on wether the app handled ONLY this podcast or if it could handle others as well. I mean, I do listen to several podcasts, and if all of them would require their own app for listening, I’m not so sure I would continue to follow them all. Meeples and Miniatures are among my favourites, so I would probably continue to listen to the show even then, but it would be one negative aspect that might, someday, dissuade me from continuing listening.

    Third: of course, it would also depend on how easy the app was to use, it’s versatility to handle all the episodes etc. etc. But I’m sure you have considered that.

  6. I usually listen to the show on my 5 year old MP3 player. I chock it full of podcasts and listen while I workout or paint. I do own a iphone so I would definetly give it a go.

  7. yes,it must cover all formats like android and iphone….generally podcast apps on phone allows to download itunes and we can listen to it…but it is not covered in every format…

  8. Martin Lefebvre // June 28, 2012 at 22:03 // Reply

    Personally, I use stitcher (http://www.stitcher.com/). Its free to add a podcast to the service, and best of all, its free to use. The best part is that it keeps my place on a podcast regardless of the platform I use (Ipod Touch and Android Tablet).

  9. I would not use a dedicated smartphone app. No. I use Google Listen and all my podcasts come into it via RSS. Having a separate app for one or more podcasts would be too cumbersome.

  10. Hi, I tend to listen to my podcasts whilst painting and modelling rather than out and about.

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