New releases from the Plastic Soldier Company

Will Townshend at the Plastic Soldier Company has just announced not only a new release, but a surprise for British WW2 gamers.

First up is the 15mm conversion kit for the SdKfz 251, which allows gamers to convert the existing 251D kit from the PSC into 4 different variants – 251/8 (Mortar), 251/9 (Stummel), 251/10 (Platoon Command) and 251/16 (Flamm).

This kit only works for the 251D kit – there is news that a 251C conversion kit will be along next year.

Following on from the 251D conversion kit, the surprise release is that of a 1/72nd (20mm) scale British Universal Carrier.

This kit has come out-of-the-blue, and is a welcome addition to the 20mm British forces. The kit comes with the option of building either the MkI or MkII carrier.

A future release, promised for the autumn, will feature a conversion kit to build the Machine Gun, Mortar, Armoured Observation Post, Wasp flamethrower and early Bren/Scout carriers, as well as more crew figures in desert uniforms with head options for early tin helmet, Aussie slouch hat and Sikh turban and further stowage.

I caught up with Will last week and recorded an interview with him – I’m hoping to get this published sometime over the coming weekend. I also have a host of PSC new releases waiting for video review – these will start appearing throughout the month of July.

2 Comments on New releases from the Plastic Soldier Company

  1. Stunning work by Will!!!

    My preference is towards the 15mm for Flames of War and 28 mm for skirmishing.

    I already ordered the 251/D Conversion kit 🙂

    Happy gaming,


    • Indeed – I immediately reached for my copy of ‘Battle for Liberation’ for IABSM to see what I needed for a Panzer Grenadier Company…answer, lots!

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