The answer to my basing problem?

If you are a reader of Battlegames, you may remember that I was recently talking about a dilemma that I had with regard to basing figures, especially for Napoleonics.

We have been trying out the Painting Shed rules, but also Commands & Colours: Napoleonics. The trouble is, these two systems have completely seperate requirements for basing – one needing 60mm bases, the other individual bases.

There are other issues with element based games, or using element based figures in other games, where you have to track either casualties or other status’ (such as shock) in games such as Hail Caesar, Impetus and I Ain’t Been Shot Mum. Micro dice are an answer to this, but it’s a pain when they fall off the base every time you move your troops.

Enter Minibits with their dice frames. Just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for I think. There might be an argument that these spoil the asthetic look of a mini base, but I’m willing to give it a go. And at £1.00 for 10 markers including dice, these are well worth the money.

They do all sorts of stuff – MDF Bases (including Hexagonal and Octagonal) basing material, trees, dice and paint – all at very good prices – so these guys are well worth a look.

5 Comments on The answer to my basing problem?

  1. Those dice frames are a great idea. I am waiting on the 12mms..

  2. Just a further thought – many air combat games require you to track altitude and speed, we use mini-dice on the base of the aircraft for that too. These would I think be great for keeping the dice in place….time to dig out Bag the Hun, Algy, and Check your Six again then Neil….

    • Agreed.
      Whilst these do not have quite the style or elegance of some of the basing solutions that the likes of Litko have to offer for air combat games, they have the huge advantage of being much cheaper


  3. I have a few other experiments with these frames on my blog here:

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