New French-Indian War box sets from Warlord Games

Just in case you missed these in the model news, Warlord Games have a distribution deal with Conquest Miniatures for their French-Indian War figures. Warlord are releasing them in the UK under the Black Powder brand.

Whilst these figures have been packaged for use with the Last Arguement of Kings supplement for Black Powder, they are equally useful for Muskets & Tomahawks, so they are well worth a look (especially the French Line Infantry, as I have found that getting hold of French troops skirmishing for this period to be strangely difficult)

I’m not sure how they fit in with figures from Galloping Major and Crusader etc. Anecdotal evidence is that these figures are a little on the small side. When I get some in the flesh I shall update you further.

Last of the Mohicans Character figures.

British Regular Infantry

French Regular infantry

Woodland Indian War Party

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