Dreadball, or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace Kickstarter

I’m a huge American Football fan. San Francisco 49ers, to be precise. I grew up watching them during the golden era of Montana, Young & Rice. I follow this sport much more that football or rugby.

So, when it comes to gaming, I enjoy Blood Bowl. This variation on American Football with a fantasy twist was a great favourite when I was younger, and I’ve been playing in a league for the past year.

Unfortunately, as well as highlighting the good stuff about Blood Bowl, the league has also highlighted some of the bad. It can be a slow game, especially if you don’t use the 4 minute rule. It has a lot of rules, and a lot of skills which cause exceptions to those rules, which make playing a game somewhat complicated for the newbie, and turns what should be a fun experience into a 3 hour rules-fest.

I didn’t remember it being like this, but having played in one league, I’m not all that eager to jump back in for season 2.

And then along comes Dreadball.

It started out with this teaser image from Mantic a couple of weeks ago. That image immediately said one thing…

…it’s Blood Bowl, in space, with shiny floors…

It seemed that Mantic were once again following in the footsteps of the gaming empire that we all know and some people love.

What was worse, it was a Kickstarter project.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems that everywhere you look in the gaming hobby at the moment, every man and his dog is starting up a Kickstarter project. It seems to be the ‘in thing’ to do to fund anything, and whilst I can see the benefits, I’m also beginning to wonder where it all ends…

So I was a sceptic on two counts.

However, as the daily news from Mantic about the game hit the various Wargaming sites, and discussion of the rules cropped up on BoardGameGeek and and Quirkworthy (Jake Thornton’s own blog) I got interested in spite of myself.

The look of the game appealed too – it was strangely reminiscent of Speedball 2, or even Rollerball (sadly no sign of motorcycles). I felt my resolve weakening…

And then I checked the Kickstarter page, and the funding for the game was taking off massively and there was a possibility of getting hold of lots of extra goodies, which started making an investment actually look like a really good deal.

You guessed it – I’ve backed it.

OK, call me weak, but this game does sound very interesting, and if it does what it promises and offers a fun, challenging game in an hour, then I’m more than willing to give it a go.

And it’s got Dwarves…in space…

The Dreadball website has now launched. It’s tone is very reminiscent of Blood Bowl commentary – which isn’t a bad thing – and, if nothing else, shows off some very nice models.

I’m currently trying to find out more about the background to how this game was developed, so keep your eyes and ears open…

5 Comments on Dreadball, or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace Kickstarter

  1. You and me both Neil. Your comments reflect my thoughts exactly. I’m now in the dilemma of what level of funding to go for- it all looks so good.

    • Well, I definitely wanted the base game, and the dwarves (sorry, Forge Fathers) and so I looked at everything and thought “what the heck” and went for the Striker deal.
      At least it means that I can play at club with multiple teams…

  2. Yeah I ended up with the Striker deal too- its too much good stuff to miss out on.

  3. I’ll end up going for Striker as well…

    But that Rollerball remark is making me think about alternative boards and rules (even before seeing the rules to start with 🙂
    We should mention that to Jake…

  4. Nope nope nope…..Niners forever we have in common (Montana to Rice….Touchdown…!!!!) but I don’t yet feel tempted into this one….yet…..Perhaps I’ll call a timeout to consider matters further…now what would Bill Walsh do..??

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