Interesting new releases from Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing have just announced their wargames rules publishing schedule for 2013

Amongst the titles are three of particular interest:

OWG 4 Ronin – Skirmish Wargames in the Age of the Samurai – Samurai skirmish rules, what’s not to like? (I even have the figures already!)

OWG 5 Of Gods and Mortals – Mythological Wargame Rules – a set of rules written by Andrea Sfiligoi (he of Songs of Blades and Heroes fame).
There is a discussion of these ongoing on the songofblades Yahoo! Group and they sound really interesting – mixing Gods, Heroes and mere mortal infantry of various Mythos in skirmish combat with each other using the SoBH gaming engine…another use for my 28mm Vikings – having them fighting with Thor sounds like an awesome prospect. Looking forward to this one.

FOF 8 Classified – Special Operations Missions 1940-2010 – I first heard about this at Salute. FOF returning to it’s Ambush Alley roots with a small force of Special Forces against larger forces.

Looks like my proposed resolution to buy fewer wargames rules next year has failed before it’s even begun.

6 Comments on Interesting new releases from Osprey Publishing

  1. No self respecting Viking would ever fight against Thor. Thor was arguably the most loved of all the Norse deities.

  2. I think it means “with” as in “alongside”…

  3. I utterly blame the M&M podcast for the fact that eversince I started listening about a year ago I bought four new rulesets (plus some free ones). 😉

    Interesting releases indeed. The Feudal Japanese bug hasn’t gotten near me yet but this Special Forces thing sounds very interesting, especially as I currently do my wargaming solo for the most part. I assume that this is a FoF supplement and not a standalone thing?

  4. Neil, My apologies, I think the language gap between “Birminghamian” & Australian is much broader than I realised. 🙂

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