X-Wing: Does size matter?

X-Wing, the new miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games, has just started shipping in the UK, and I got a copy for a friend from Totalwargamer today.

I didn’t pre-order a copy of this game as I’d just got involved with the Dreadball kickstarter – I almost went for both…

The other source of my reluctance to purchase X-Wing was due to the fact that I have a large collection of the Star Wars Titanium Die-Cast ships. I was unsure whether I really needed to buy the ships all over again.

…but upon seeing the models in the game I am glad that I didn’t buy this sight-unseen.

You may agree with me that in miniature gaming, miniature scale is important – especially if you are playing with a game with only a few models…

If X-Wing had come with models the same size as the Titanium Die-Cast ones, I’m sure that I would have been very tempted to get it.

However, the ships in X-Wing appear to be approx. half the size of the Die-Cast models. They look very nice, and have great paint jobs, but they are only slightly bigger than those produced for the Star Wars MCG a few years ago, and I must admit to being very disappointed by this.

Certainly, if I was paying for the individual ship upgrades, I might be wondering where my money had gone – although this pictures does show that you do get quite a bit of other ‘stuff’ in the ship expansions

This is what I mean – Titanium Die-Cast X-Wing next to it’s FFG cousin

In hindsight, I am much happier that I have not bought this game than I expected to be. I’m currently working on a set of hex-boards to play ‘Bag the Jedi’ with my existing model collection.

It’s not very often that I’m disappointed with a game that FFG produces, but this one, at least from a miniatures point of view, leaves me with a bit of a ‘what could have been’ feeling – although having said that, most people rave about the gameplay.

8 Comments on X-Wing: Does size matter?

  1. you might being a bit harsh here old bean, I brought the box set and an upgrade ship and am impressed by the rules and what they give you for your money. I don’t mind the fact the minis are small as it means I can play on a smaller area which makes it easy to play pretty much anywhere

    • Mike,

      I’ve revised my entry somewhat, as I was simply commenting on the miniatures and the fact that I was in two minds about buying it. I realised that my comment was making out as if the game was not the best, which is wrong as I can’t comment as I haven’t played it yet.



      • I think we’ll have to arrange a game then, shall we arrange to meet up in the neutral zone one day (i.e. Evesham)

      • I’d love a game.

        It looked very interesting from what I saw of the GenCon videos – as I said, at this point in time I’m glad that I didn’t order it, as I would have been disappointed.

        However, that may all change once I’ve played it once or twice.

        At least then I could blame you.

  2. Christian Bailey // September 27, 2012 at 13:44 // Reply

    I guess there’s nothing stopping someone using the diecast minis they already have. The rules are a free download and the rest of the stuff is easily proxied. That being said he game is a good fit for me and I think the miniatures look fantastic. I can’t wait for Slave 1!

    • Very true Christian.

      What made me post was my surprise at the size of the minis – especially having seen the pictures of the Wave 2 ships from GenCon.
      The Millenium Falcon looks great, but I suppose it was a little difficult to fully grasp the size of the minis if you aren’t physically there.

      Still looking forward to a game, and the gameplay may still change my mind as to whether to buy it or not, but at the moment, I’m glad I didn’t jump straight away.

  3. andrew brown // September 27, 2012 at 14:27 // Reply

    scale is very important . as a long time starship combat player one of the reasons i did not buy any of the mcg is that the scales between fighters and others ships were so far out ,so far FFG has made sure that all of these minis are the right scale to each other as shown here http://www.merzo.net/ . as a side note the capital ships from the mcg do a good second hand trade when used with fleet scale minis from other makers (eg GZG)

  4. I have not purchased the game YET. However, having fondled the box lovingly in my FLGS, I can say the ships do look damn good. Size-wise they’re comparable to the Wings of War biplanes. The base game and “expansions” are roughly the same price as the Wings of War stuff when originally released. The rules themselves allow for more depth than Wings of War, as well. I look forward to adding it to my collection.

    “Bag the Jedi?” Do it properly. With the AMT/ERTL 1/72 plastic models on 4′ tall stands!

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