New TFL campaign supplement for WW2 – Blenneville or Bust!

Too Fat Lardies have recently released a new campaign supplement to support their I Ain’t Been Shot Mum rules.

Blenneville or Bust! is a fictional campaign set just after D-Day in the Ribeaux valley, with the Allies driving south from the Normandy beaches and attempting to punch through into the French countryside.

This fictional campaign also uses fictional units, although they are based on the OOBs from the Battle for Liberation supplement.

The Allied player can play a mixture of British and American forces, dependent upon the scenario. These include:

US Forces:

Infantry Company, with support troops including a Cavalry Recon Troop,  Anti-Tank Platoon, Tank Destroyer Platoon, Combat Engineers and a SPG Platoon.

Tank Company with a supporting Company of Armoured Rifle Infantry.

British Forces

Armoured Brigade consisting of A squadron from the Royal Tank Regiment supported by A company of Armoured Infantry, with Anti-Tank Gun & MMG Platoons.

Infantry Company with support from an Anti-Tank Platoon, an MMG Platoon and an Infantry Tank Platoon.

German Forces

Panzer Division Company, including a company of medium and heavy tanks, with Panzer Grenadier, Recce and Anti-Tank support.

3 Reduced Infantry Companies with Anti-Tank, Machine Gun, Artillery and Assault Gun Support

Small company of Fallschirmjager with Machine Gun, Anti-Tank and Tank Hunter support.

The forces in the book make the basis for a good, balanced collection of models, and so this is an ideal starting point for purchasing for those gamers new to the period/theatre.

The book contains a total of 31 scenarios, and is set out in a full 5-level pyramid-style campaign, where each following scenario is determined by the winner of the previous one.

Each scenario consists of 3 briefings – one for the umpire and one for each player. They can be played as part of the campaign, or each scenario can be played stand-alone. There are fifteen maps which outline the area over which the campaign takes place. Each map is designed to be used with a 6′ x 4′ table.

Whilst many WW2 gamers prefer scenarios based on historical engagements, this scenario book offers the chance to play pick-up style games with forces that should be in most people’s collections. They give plenty of variety and so should offer all players a good mix of challenge and entertainment.

Also, despite being tailored for IABSM, this is a resource which could easily be converted to other rules systems, and so is a very worthwile investment for any World War II gamer – several months worth of week-by-week battles for a very reasonable price.

It’s available as a 300 page PDF from the Too Fat Lardies website.

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  1. Oh I fancy this Neil, thanks for pointing me in the direction of it

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