DIY Dreadball, whilst waiting for the ‘proper’ version to turn up…

Thanks to a couple of industrious chaps on the Mantic forums, there are several custom Dreadball pitches around at the moment.

I made this one, which looks remarkably like a certain Speedball pitch, by printing the pitch onto a 9×9 A4 grid, gluing the paper to a board, which was then covered with self-adhesive plastic sheet for protection. It isn’t perfect by any means (too many air bubbles!) but it will certainly perform admirably until the ‘proper’ game turns up.

We played Orx vs Human, using a couple of Blood Bowl teams.

It was a cracking game – not the speedisest of affairs as we were still trying to remember all the rules (we played with refs, fouls & cards) – but certainly a most excellent way of passing a couple of hours.

It was a brutal game. The Orx came out and smashed everything in their path. By the 3rd Rush, the Humans injury box was looking a bit full, with a Guard, a Striker and 3 Jacks sidelined already.

There would be 2 fatalities by the end of the game…

Human Striker steals the ball from the opposing Jack, only to have his skull crushed from behind by a rampaging Orx Guard.

When we first read about Dreadball, our one reservation was that the game would be in danger of being boring, as teams were likely to score on every rush. I can safely say that we completely debunked that theory in this game. Despite me only having 1 player on the pitch at the end of Rush 3, Dave’s Orx simply could not take advantage, and missed at least two scoring opportunities. As a result, the game was still 0-0 at the start of the 9th Rush. It then exploded into life with 5 scores in the last 6 Rushes – with the Humans starting the scoring with the the most unlikely of 2-point scores having gathered the ball following an unsuccessful scoring attempt by the Orx (a 3-Dice throw from 1-hex range which failed…).

But the Humans (looking remarkably like the SF49ers) would have the last laugh, as they managed to score the winning 3-point Strike on the last rush of the game with only 2 fit players left on the pitch…

Final score, 2-0…and I finally record a win against my gaming nemesis, Mr Dave Luff!

Dreadball is a super game, and I can see this being played an awful lot in the coming weeks & months.

2 Comments on DIY Dreadball, whilst waiting for the ‘proper’ version to turn up…

  1. I’ll be playing a demo of the game sometime in the next few hours at the Mantic stand in Antwerp. Still didn’t get around to trying out the “basic rules” on their Kickstarter page, but I’ve come across lots of posts left and right from players who did and nothing but positive reviews so far…

  2. Fantastic way to play prior to the arrival.
    Love the podcast BTW.

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