Audio problems with episode 96

Several listeners have commented about the poor sound quality during the interview with Warwick Kinrade.

I’m really sorry about this – I’ve tried to clean the recording up as much as I can, but unfortunately the quality of the skype line we were using wasn’t great, and the interview suffered accordingly.

However, the quality of the sound during the second half of the show is much better (When I review the rules with Mike Hobbs) so can I suggest that listeners listen to the second half of the show – from about the 1 hour 20 Minutes mark – so that they can get something useful from the podcast.


9 Comments on Audio problems with episode 96

  1. Thanks for this, it was a very interesting topic for me but unfotunately very difficult to understand (specially as I’m no native speaker)

    • Neal, would it be worth your time to release a version of the episode with only the 2nd half of the content? That could save listeners from fast forwarding and they could get both versions if they wish. I know that could be a pain in the butt to do, though.

  2. I thing I was lucky Neil as I really didnt have that much of a problem but I do listen to it on surround sound.

  3. The audio, although of poor quality in the first interview is still listenable via headphone/earbuds.
    Seriously now, how much effort is it to fast forward to the second interview. It seems to me that Neil has more enough on his plate to deal with without having to rejig & repost the interview. Talk about first world problems.

    • No need to be so crotchety. It was only a question, which Neil can perfectly well reply to on his own. The question was respectfully offered and was not meant to insult or undermine anyone.

      • To be fair, it’s something I had already considered doing – It’s not a huge hardship to sort out, as I haven’t deleted the file I used to mix the final episode, so I’ll post that later this morning…

  4. I didn’t really have to much bother listening to the first half of the show.that may be partly due to me using skype to play/run RPG`s over the past 4-5yrs ,so i understand all to well that sometimes skype just doesn’t want to play be honest we have all had worse phone calls than this .

    I do see how not having English as a first language would be a big problem for some of your listeners .i and other native speakers can kinda join the dots and get whats being said without a lot of bother.we don’t have to translate it real time and for that you need good clear audio .

    BK sounds like a nice set of rules ,iv only listened to the first half of the show so far as i was heading out saturday night .but il get the tae on and give the second half listen now.

  5. Another good podcast, and while in a perfect world one might like better audio quality, what Warwick Kinrade had to say was well worth listening too. I have to admit I’m tempted to buy the rules just to steal the ideas on logistics, which is high praise BTW. It would be interesting to compare and contrast a game of Battlegroup Kursk with I Ain’t Been Shot Mum on a future podcast perhaps?

    Saying that I’m still waiting for your Dropzone Commander review.

  6. I liked the podcast a lot. Didn’t get most of the interview sadly but no problem. I just forwarded to the review part but as I usually listen each episode multiple times I’ll make sure to give it another try. 🙂 Very much looking forward to the next episodes and don’t let this discourage you, Neil. It was one time not being good, otherwise the interviews have always been of really good quality.

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