Mantic & Dreadball – An apology is in order

As many will be aware, I posted a fairly lengthy blog post yesterday expressing my opinion over what was happening with regard to the shipping of Dreadball. The key issue for me was not, as some people intimated, that I was simply complaining because my toys were delayed. I was highlighting that we appeared to have been misled by Mantic during the KS process and that KS Backers were not being given the preferential treatment they had been promised by Mantic, and that preference was in fact being given to people who had not backed the project at all – something that I thought was an injustice.

Jake Thornton posted an update on his blog today, which indeed highlighted the fact that Mantic have been misleading us, although not in the way in which some of us may have thought.

It would seem, according to Jake, that Mantic have been beset by a series issues in their supply chain, which has caused a number of issues, delays and unplanned/unscheduled jobs which have had to be overcome in order to ship the game in time for the original December deadline. And indeed, we have been informed today by Mantic that shipping of the KS bundles has now commenced.

It is easy to see that delays in delivery, or product being delivered not as expected (i.e. still requiring all the components to be packed, rather than the shrink-wrapped finished article) would compress Mantic’s own delivery window to the extent that everything was going out the door within a couple of days of each other, rather than a more structured release, which is no doubt what had been planned.

Given those set of circumstances, then the crew at Mantic are indeed to be applauded for their efforts to try to fulfill their promises to both customer and trade within the timescale they had promised.

Whilst Mantic are in no way obliged to say anything at all about the difficulties they have been experiencing getting this far with delivery, there is no doubt in my mind that the events of the last 24-48 hours could have been avoided if they had simply told us what was going on, and the implications that would have on delivery.

That said, in the light of the comments made on Jake’s blog, it is clear that my own expressed opinion and it’s implications that were published in my blog yesterday were wrong, and I owe all the guys at Mantic Games an unreserved apology.

“Thank you” to Jake for the comments he made on his blog, and “thank you” to the guys at Mantic for the hours of work that you have put in behind the scenes in shipping Dreadball on schedule.

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