Just in case you didn’t fancy cutting up your Battlegroup Kursk rulebook…

If you have listened to Epsiode 96 of the Podcast, you will know that Mike Hobbs and I were both pretty impressed with Battlegroup Kursk, the new rules from Plastic Soldier Company and Iron Fist Publishing.

One of the innovations introduced in this game is the mechanic of drawing chits for army morale. These chits are of random values, and build up over time until eventually the army morale collapses.

The chits to use are in a couple of pages in the back of the book, but who wants to cut up their rulebook?

Well, I discovered the answer a few weeks ago at the Warfare show.

Commission Figurines are a relatively new company that specialise in 15mm laser cut MDF buildings, with the added twist that they primarily produce roads, pavements and ruined buildings.

In addition, they also produce a set of 96 markers, which are a laser-cut version of the chits from the back of the Battlegroup Kursk rulebook – a must for those of us who may want to keep their rulebook intact. Priced at £4.00 a set, I think these are a must-own accessory for any Battlegroup Kursk player.

1 Comment on Just in case you didn’t fancy cutting up your Battlegroup Kursk rulebook…

  1. I can also recommend joining the BG Kursk Yahoo group http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/Kursk/ the file section has pdfs of the counters, the qrs and also all the unit stats from the book in handy Data card format that can be cut out and used in games.
    that means you don’t have to keep thumbing through the book to find the stats for a vehicle and/or weapon

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