Dystopian Legions – coming up in next podcast

Coming up in episode 98 of the podcast, we are going to be reviewing Dystopian Legions from Spartan Games.

Mike Hobbs, who is a co-presenter on this episode, is currently painting his Prussian troops, and kindly agreed for me to publish some of his work-in-progress pictures…

I think you’ll agree that these are nice looking figures.
Mike is also a fan of Dystopian Wars, here are a selection of his forces for his British and Prussian armies…

And finally, his stunning Prussian airships…

5 Comments on Dystopian Legions – coming up in next podcast

  1. I don’t play, but I am impressed! Good Job.

  2. Really like the small scale stuff, a game I wanted to try but haven’t ever found an opponent.

    • Same here Maurice, I love the idea of large scale VSF battles so was really drawn to Dystopian Wars, I just found the rules difficult to understand.
      I sure if I sat down and played them out I would love the game, it’s just a case of putting the time in to learn them I guess
      but the models are great and a joy to paint up

      • Yeah – I’ve read multiple reviews that the game is confusing, the book is “off” a bit. But better than the prior edition of it. The minis are just amazing though, and I find the prices to be really, really good for what is to be had in the sets as well. I might get some just to paint, which I am sure will lead to getting the books as well, and maybe – just maybe – finding an opponent…

  3. I really admire the paint job. I am one of those who loves to play the games, but really dislikes the painting part. I now play Battleground:Fantasy Warfare and absolutely love it, but I still admire a well painted mini!

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