Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 98 – Dystopian Legions & Saga: Raven’s Shadow

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Welcome to Episode 98 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

On this show, I am joined once again by co-hosts Rich Jones and Mike Hobbs, and we talk about Dystopian Legions from Spartan Games & the latest supplement for Saga: Raven’s Shadow

I hope you enjoy the show

5 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 98 – Dystopian Legions & Saga: Raven’s Shadow

  1. Been waiting for this to arrive. I shall look forward to listening to it later.

  2. LOTR figures were some of the ones which went up the most during last years GW price hike .i think it was something 30-35% if i remember right .there`s a spread sheet out there somewhere shows a brake down of new and old prices .

  3. I’m shocked by the very high prices of some items, but I think of it as something like the lottery- here in Oregon, some people spend a lot of money on lottery tickets, with the hope of winning millions. That money goes toward extra funding for schools, etc. So, even though I would never gamble my own money, those that do are doing some good.

    Those who pay 50 pounds for something that cost perhaps a few pounds to make, just because it’s “collectable”, are helping to increase funding to the game companies, which makes them more profitable, which is good for all gamers.

  4. Prices – Excuse the old man rant but what is it with people these days? If it is too expensive, Don’t Buy It! Apart from some tournaments in some systems, no decent opponent should care if you use the official stuff or not. There are no war games police and yet people act like there are. It is not like the swat team is going to break down your door and taser you because you are playing Bolt action with your FoW figures.

    Saga – just another view. The supplements have been coming out so quickly I have put the game aside. It is not worth the effort to keep up with the reading (and the cash outlay) to see how each faction works on the table. I’ll take another look once Dark Ages is completed and any errata issued.

    • On the question of Saga, as we said in the show, Raven’s Shadow brings to a close this period of the Dark Ages, and so with the addition of the Byzantines from WI301 and the Skraelings, this part of the game is now complete.

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