Modern retro-gaming on the Kindle Fire…

It’s not often that I talk about computer games – indeed it’s a pastime I have avoided in recent years, as it tends to eat too much into other hobby time, if you’re not careful.

However, my recent acquisition of a Kindle Fire HD Tablet has changed this a little, and I have found myself playing the ‘odd game or two’.

2369914-genesis_cannonfodder_eu_cropped_largeOne of the games I played, back in the early 80’s, was ‘Cannon Fodder’, which was produced by Sensible Software (the people behind ‘Sensible Soccer’ – remember that?)

It was a mix of strategy wargame and shooter, as you attempted to complete various missions with you squad of soldiers – gaining new weapons and vehicles as you progressed through the game. Much of the game appeared to take place in a Vietnam-like environment.

Cannon_Fodder_-_1993_-_Virgin_Games,_Ltd_As well as being somewhat addictive, the game was also (from what I remember) pretty tough, and I never did complete it, despite spending hours playing it on my Sega Mega-Drive.

As I have previous said, I had a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, intending that its main use would be for reading and viewing PDF files. However, I have succumbed to the lure of the odd game (or two) – one of which appears to be an updated version of this 80’s classic.

Tiny-Trooper_-Homescreen-1024x640The game is Tiny Troopers, produced by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment.

This App for both Apple and Android tablets bring updated graphics, a new location, but the same fun, addictive gameplay as you lead your squad of troops through various missions, with the ultimate aim of killing the enemy general.

screenshot_3The location of the new scenarios appear to be based in a Middle East location, based on Iraq, or so it would seem.

You gain ‘Command Points’ for completing objectives (Destroying buildings and Vehicles, finding items etc) and these can be spent on weapon upgrades for your troops, or even Specialists to help you with missions (Such as Medics, a Trooper with a SAW, or even a Delta Force Operative)

screenshot_6The gameplay couldn’t be more simple – point to where you want to go and who you want to shoot. Whilst being much more arcade like rather than strategy, you do still have to work out how to complete each level – a task which can be hard if resources are low.

You have the option to purchase an Intel Pack with some of your Command Points in the game, which gives you the location of every enemy trooper, building and vehicle in the scenario, though it has to be said it is much more fun without this, as it means that you are never quite sure what is around the next rock, or where that last objective may be hiding.

At only 30 levels, the game is not extensively big, but as I said, its great fun and provides some good challenges.

All in all, it’s £0.71 very well spent, and I’d heartily recommend it.

2 Comments on Modern retro-gaming on the Kindle Fire…

  1. Loved cannon fodder, have to check this one out. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Cannon Fodder was good, but Sensible Soccer…now you’re talking. The number of joysticks I broke playing this on the Amiga as I tried to get extra curve on the ball….

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