Major changes to Miniatures Wargames & Battlegames magazine

Atlantic Publishing has just announced some major changes to the wargaming magazine titles under their wing: Miniatures Wargames & Battlegames.

The full story is here…

In summary, Issue 360 of Miniature Wargames will the last with Andrew Huback as editor. From issue 361, launched at Salute, the new look Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine will appear with Henry Hyde as editor.

Whilst there will be an extended editorial in issue 361, Meeples & Miniatures listeners will be able to listen to an interview with Henry Hyde about these changes in the next episode, which should be published this weekend.

5 Comments on Major changes to Miniatures Wargames & Battlegames magazine

  1. Looking forward to the skinny on this.

  2. I have always found Andrew to be a great ambassador for both the magazine and wargaming in general.

    I wish him well in his new venture.


  3. Andrew Malcolm // February 13, 2013 at 20:47 // Reply

    I look forwards to hearing Henry’s take on the decision.

  4. yep I think it’ll be a good listen, cant wait to hear it

  5. Ohhh, Neil, that is an interesting development

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