West Wind Productions launch Kickstarter for Empire of the Dead: Requiem

West Wind Productions have just started their new Kickstarter for an expansion to their Empire Of The Dead rules, which were launched at Salute last year.

EOTD - Requiem KS

The good news is that the Kickstarter has already reached it’s initial funding goal (within the first 2 hours) so new backers are guaranteed to see some new miniatures in the summer.

You can find out more about EOTD: Requiem Kickstarter here.

I will be recording an interview with West Wind next week to find out what they have planned for the expansion, so this should be in a show published at the end of the month.

6 Comments on West Wind Productions launch Kickstarter for Empire of the Dead: Requiem

  1. Have you also seen North Stars ‘Nickstarter’
    Similar idea but done in house and based on the forthcoming Osprey title ‘In her Majesty’s name’.

    • Yes, some very nice looking minis there…

    • I’ve signed up for the EotD KS and am really tempted to get the Osprey rules and Nicks figs as well

      my thinking is if I have to build London in 28mm I may as well use it for lots of rules 😉

      • I was looking at IHMN again this morning, and there is a large cross over between these and EOTD. I suppose the main difference is the addition of the gothic horror elements in EOTD.
        I would add at least one group from the North Star range to my collection from the EOTD KS, it’s certainly a good time for fans of the VSF genre.
        Ref. Buildings, in the EOTD rulebook, they use a lot of MDF buildings from Sarrisa, so they may well be worth a look.

      • Just going through my Twitter timeline and I noticed Nick from Northstar mentioned that 4Ground should be producing some Victorian style building ready for Salute. if they are half as good as the WWII range of 28mm building they do then I can see me picking up a few of them

      • That is indeed most excellent news. Agreed, if 4Ground are producing them they will be a ‘must have’.
        Just the thing for my 4 new Hansom cabs to park in front of 🙂

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