A new Podcast is here…TalkDreadball

Ever had that conversation? You know, the one that starts “Hey, wouldn’t it be a good idea if…”.

Well, I had that conversation with Rich Jones a few weeks ago about the possibility of recording a dedicated podcast about Dreadball…

…TalkDreadball is the result.

Episode 1 has just been published – why not give it a listen?

8 Comments on A new Podcast is here…TalkDreadball

  1. I’m struggling to work out how you manage producing the podcasts, writing magazine articles, playing games, working and being a family-man. Have you given up sleeping to fit it all in?

    BTW the last time I had that conversation it cost a fortune and I ended up with several hundred 28mm SYW figures as part of a demo game.

    • Sleep is for wimps 🙂

      In all seriousness, Rich is doing the hard work of producing the content for the show, I’m just appearing, recording and editing this one.

  2. Any plans on adding this to the iTunes feed Neil?

  3. Best of luck with the new podcast!

  4. how did you manage to record this without laughing, it was sheer genius chaps

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