Dreadball Season 2 – first pictures

Well, we’ve finally got to see the first pictures of the Season 2 teams for Dreadball. The Void Sirens have made an appearance, and very nice they look too.

They look far better than their male counterparts from the Trontek 29ers, IMO.

Looking forward to more news in the next couple of weeks as Season 2 approaches.

It is disappointing to learn that the rest of the Season 1 models (alternative sculpts, Keepers, prone markers) will now be delayed until Q3.

In other Dreadball news, I played a game last night with a Human team vs Orx. The Orx team went 1-0 up after the very first rush. Despite having the majority of the possession and territory advantage for the rest of the game, the Humans just couldn’t put the ball in the Strike Zone despite several attempts, and finished the game with only 2 players left on the pitch. Of the rest of the team, 3 were being patched up on the subs bench, whilst the rest were in the morgue.

I think I’m going back to Forge Fathers…

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