Huge ‘Torn Armor’ update on Kickstarter

I featured the Torn Armor Kickstarter on Episode 104 of the Podcast.

They have just posted a large update on this project.

536589_304347392970921_972650151_nFirst off, they have updated their stretch goals so that extra units are unlocked at earlier funding levels. The first is a mercenary unit, seen here. Obviously based on the famous Polish winged hussar. This has just been unlocked, and a unit (probably in pewter and/or resin) will be added to the ‘Stretch Goals’ funding level.

581924_549332901764955_1298812151_nSecondly, they have unlocked the behemoths, which were talked about on the show. These were originally planned to be funded at the $100K mark in plastic. However, these are available to order now (at $40 each) and will be made in resin instead. They both look rather nice.

Finally, on the podcast, Alyssa hinted that they would be including a model from an established miniature company in the game. This has now been announced – the Reaper Clockwork Dragon will be added to the game, and the first 500 backers at the $75 level will receive one of these for free.


That looks quite impressive, doesn’t it? All these updates certainly make the KS much more attractive, which I’m sure is the plan to aid funding.

Don’t forget, listen to the podcast for a special offer on this Kickstarter…

Finally, they have released a play-test version of the rules to download in PDF format, which will give everyone a much better idea of how the game works.

Temptation level increases!

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