Hawk Wargames – Scenery redemption

Back in December, I wrote a blog post about Hawk Wargames, and their resin scenery release for Dropzone Commander. At the time, I think people all around the hobby had a collective intake of breath when they saw not only what Hawk were selling, but the prices that they were charging for it.

At the time, Hawk responded to this criticism by stating that the resin scenery was their ‘top of the range’ product, and that they had two other releases planned for the gamer with more modestly size wallets (and let’s face it, this includes the vast majority of us!)

Their latest newsletter announces the release of Cityscape, a new customisable card battlefield set – and, it has to be said, this looks pretty impressive.

DZC Cityscape

This set offers 20 different buildings in 5 different sizes, along with 24 1′ x 1′ double-sided ground tiles. Everything is not only pre-printed, but in most cases pre-folded and pre-glued, meaning that assembly should be a doddle.

The card stock seems reasonably thick at 615 microns (just over 400 gsm) and first impressions from pictures are very good.

Dropzone Commander is a game that, in essence, needs to be played in a built-up area, and this pack would seem to provide everything necessary to do this on a 6′ x 4′ table – what is more, the RRP for this is a mere £30 – completely the other end of the fiscal spectrum from their previous scenery offering (if you exclude the free downloads, that is)

I can see this scenery appealing not only to players of DZC, but to sci-fi gamers generally.

The pack is available to pre-order from Hawk Wargames on April 5th, and is released at Salute on April 20th.

2 Comments on Hawk Wargames – Scenery redemption

  1. I’m looking forward to reviewing this soon.

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