Plastic car park

One thing I have managed to do, hobby wise, between all the podcast work and other real-life events is to glue the odd plastic model together..


Here is a healthy mix of German and Allied AFVs, which are all now patiently waiting for a coat of paint.

Next up is putting all the infantry box sets together, and then I need to get some more half-tracks and trucks at Salute in a few weeks time…

7 Comments on Plastic car park

  1. Will they find Richard III under that car park?

  2. Its always very satisfying to line up a bunch of models on the table and feel like a general reviewing his army. Its also very daunting shortly afterwards when you realize they all have to be painted.

  3. John Sharman // April 4, 2013 at 18:41 // Reply

    Neil surely that is a game of Flames of War judging by the amount of vehicles per square foot!! Seriously though what rules are you to use? My friends are thinking of using IABSM. Are you aware of any podcasts giving a demo game? Love the look of Chain of Command. The demo podcasts are really useful.


    • John

      Will be using these with IABSM and Battlegroup Kursk. I haven’t seen any video podcasts giving rules explanations for these yet, but I think the Lardies might be planning some.


      • John Sharman // April 5, 2013 at 07:15 //


        Thanks for your message. It is good that the Lardies are planning some podcasts showing how to use their rules. I find it far easier if I am shown how to use new rules rather than read the rulebook without any other explanation. This may explain why over the years I have collected many many sets of rules that I never played. This is where sites like Beasts of War are really useful for mainly fantasy/sci-fi gamers showing visually demonstrating game systems such as their recent Mechs Week. Maybe more historical manufacturers can promote such demos perhaps via sites such as Meaples & Miniatures?


      • Or perhaps an enterprising podcast editor could take advantage of a such a gap…

        Maybe an excuse to purchase a decent video camera…

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