Dreadball Season 2 rules have landed…

dreadball 2 coverFor those of use who backed Dreadball on Kickstarter, today saw the first part of the season 2 delivery, as we were sent a link to download a PDF of the season 2 rulebook.

With it finally in our hands we get a first look at the Zzor, the Cheerleaders and the coaches, as well several of the new MVPs.

I’m pleased to say that with the odd exception, the models look great –  I’m especially pleased to see that both the Zzor and the Cheerleaders are great looking models.

With this release, hopefully it means that the rest of Season 2 is not far behind…

1 Comment on Dreadball Season 2 rules have landed…

  1. moocifer // April 4, 2013 at 17:58 // Reply

    Yes the dreadful Judwan models have made me very sad indeed. The Zzor on the other hand do look unexpectedly delightful.

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