More Dwarfs than you can shake a copy of the newly released ‘Hobbit’ DVD at (Well almost)

Regular podcast listener and miniature sculptor Michael Lovejoy, has recently produced a Kickstarter project.

Apparently, Michael is well aware of (one) of my achilles heels – great looking Dwarf miniatures – and has started Oathsworn Miniatures as a Kickstarter project to sculpt a range of Dwarf adventurers, suitable for RPGs or a skirmish warband.


Though originally a set of 5 miniatures, investing in the project will now land you up to a set of 10 figures for the bargain sum of £32, with a few more sculpts promised as add-on goals.

These are a great looking set of Dwarfs – I feel a new warband for SoBH beckons!

4 Comments on More Dwarfs than you can shake a copy of the newly released ‘Hobbit’ DVD at (Well almost)

  1. Is this the same chap who launched FarPoint Games (28mm Sci-Fi) recently, that has since vanished ??

  2. It hasn’t vanished! Well OK, it has… but temporarily. The server I was with was ‘having trouble’ delivering email, so I’ve switched everything to a new server. Unfortunately, Farpoint Games is a .com domain, and they tell me it can take up to a month to switch the registration to a new server! If it was a, it would only take a day or two, annoyingly.
    So it wiil be back, hopefully in the next 2 weeks….

    Michael Lovejoy

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